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ACIG (anciennement ABAG) Club canin de l'ACIG (Association canine d'Illkirch-Graffenstaden) - différentes disciplines pratiquées : école du chiot, éducation, agility, obérythmée, flyball, RCI, FCI, obéissance.



Lien de la vidéo du duo de Mary Ray et


Richard Curtis à la CRUFTS




7 au 10 mars 2013



Thierry Thomas finit 2e à la CRUFTS :  


   Listes des concurrents en obérythmée :


    International Freestyle (9th March)


  1. Karen McCarthy with Gordon Setter Azzaro Lady Vienna (NZ)
  2. Malinda Kerr with Crossbreed Dashing Dray (Wales)
  3. Emmy Simonsen with Border Collie Littlethorn Feet Of Flames (DK)
  4. Carmen Schmid with Cairn Terrier Sammy of Upsala (Germany)
  5. Carina Persson with Border Collie Obetets Pop (Sweden)
  6. Grietje Wagenaar with Border Collie Fjurdyhaeue Floyd (Holland)
  7. Heather Smith with Border Collie Moonlight Magic Dancer (Scotland)
  8. Nora Karlyik with Bearded Collie Besevari Szivarvanyos (Hungary)
  9. Jules O’Dwyer with Border Collie Fjurdyhaeue Flynn (Belgium)
  10. Monika Olsovska with Border Collie Arsinoe Z Rise Wa (Slovakia)
  11. England
  12. Xandre Dearden with Carnelian Friendly Finn (South Africa)
  13. Thierry Thomas with Border Collie Ubac du Mas De la Rabeyrine (France)
  14. Vanda Gregorova with Australian Shepherd All That Brandy Gentle Mate (Czech Republic)
  15. Yvonne Belin with Border Collie Jewel del Mulino Prudenza (Switzerland)


Saturday 9 March 2013

Saturday 9 March 2013 Arena Programme

8.30 International Junior Handling Competition
10.30 Agility - Crufts Team - Small Semi Final
11.15 Agility - International Invitation - Large - Jumping
11.45 Heelwork to Music - Freestyle International Competition
13.45 Guide Dogs Display
14.15 Gundog Display - Philippa Williams - Levenghyl Gundogs
14.45 Flyball - Team - Semi Final
15.05 Agility - Crufts Team - Small Final
15.35 Agility - International Invitation - Large - Agility
16.05 PAT Dog of the Year Presentation
16.25 Heelwork to Music - Freestyle International Competition - 2nd Place
16.30 Break
17.00 Agility - International Invitation - Large - Agility Finals
17.30 Heelwork to Music - Freestyle International Competition - Winner
17.35 Flyball - Team Finals
17.55 International Junior Handling Competition - Final Judging
18.10 Obedience Winners 2013
18.30 The Kennel Club Breeders' Competition - Final Judging
19.20 Gundog Display (Adrian and Caroline Slater - Kipperidge Gundogs)
19.40 Parade of Gamekeepers' Finalists
19.50 Group Judging (Gundog) and Presentation
20.40 Programme Ends
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